Types of Cases


The Disability Law Center may be able to help you if you are a person with a disability and have a legal issue related to the disability.


The following are examples of issues/problem areas generally pursued by the Disability Law Center:

  • Social Security applications and some higher-level appeals;
  • Disability-related employment discrimination;
  • Medicaid/Medicare appeals;
  • Disability-related housing discrimination;
  • Disability-related financial exploitation;
  • Access to appropriate Special Education programs;
  • Physical barriers/access to businesses or services;
  • Complaints about the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) or an Independent Living Center;
  • Access to voting. 


Within available resources and consistent with agency priorities* and case selection factors, the Disability Law Center may:

  • Respond to complaints of abuse, neglect or denial of rights;
  • Provide self-advocacy training and education for consumers, family members, service delivery professionals, constituency groups, and the community;
  • Intervene or assist individuals to advocate for their own rights;
  • Provide legal representation if the problem cannot be resolved using other strategies;
  • Organize workshops and distribute materials on legal rights, special education, public benefits, and other topics;
  • Provide information on the rights of people with physical and/or mental disabilities and make referrals when appropriate.

*Priorities are established each year based upon public comment.


The following are examples of issues/problems NOT generally pursued by the Disability Law Center:

  • Divorce, custody, support, and other family law matters.
  • Wills, trusts, and estate planning.
  • Criminal issues/proceedings.
  • Legal or medical malpractice.
  • Workers' Compensation or collective bargaining.
  • Products liability.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Indian/Tribal law.
  • Native Allotments.
  • Subsistence issues
  • Automobile accidents/traffic violations.
  • Consumer protection.
  • General Tax matters.
  • Pension and ERISA issues.
  • Property disputes or real estate.
  • Insurance disputes.