Alaska’s Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Medicaid Waiver


Welcome! The video series below was created based on the IDD Medicaid Waiver training we had been offering throughout the state. With in-person attendance falling off, we were still receiving requests for the information, which prompted us to create this online version.

The good news is that Kathleen Fitzgerald and Mark Regan are still the presenters, as we can’t imagine more well-qualified duo! The challenge to presenting online is losing the opportunity for them to address questions you may have in the moment.

Creating an FAQ
Mark & Kathy may not be able to address each question with a personal email, but if you do have a question, please send it to us here We will take the questions we receive, remove any identifying information (to protect your privacy), and develop a Frequently Asked Questions section to add to this training where Mark and Kathy can weigh in.

This information was prepared by the Disability Law Center of Alaska, with funding by the State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Senior and Disability Services.

All laws are subject to change by legislation and by court decisions. This information is not intended to be legal advice; it is a Public Education resource. Viewers should use the guide for information, and then ask questions about their own individual needs.

Table of Contents:




Length of Segment


Section A

DD system background

20:24 min.


Section B

Waivers: What are they and how do you get one

13:17 min.


Section C

Flow chart/Process

16:39 min.


Section D

Plan of Care

28:05 min.

There is no Section E.

The information we had planned to record here, was incorporated into another section.


Section F

Services and Supports:  Care Coordination

6:20 min.


Section G

Services and Supports: Habilitation and Residential Support

15:56 min.


Section H

Services and Supports: Supported Employment

12:59 min.


Section I

Services and Supports: Specialized and Miscellaneous Service


8:45 min.


Section J

Rights and Responsibilities

4:52 min.


Section K


9:01 min.


Section L

The Fair Hearing Process

29:14 min.





 There is no Section E. The information we had planned to record here, was incorporated into another section.