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Intake Temporarily Closed

Due to limited staff availability our offices are currently closed to new intakes, and we are not accepting voicemails at this time. If you are needing help with a new legal issue related to your disability, you may call us or request assistance through this online form after June 12th. If you have a notice or denial that you're looking for help appealing, please be aware of any deadline listed in the notice and follow the instructions to appeal, then reach out to us after June 12th if you're looking for further assistance.

If you’re currently working with a DLC staff member, you can reach out to them directly at the contact information they’ve provided you, or you can send a message to our general email ( If you have a general inquiry about our services, are requesting publications, or are a member of the press, please email us at and we will do our best to redirect your email to the most appropriate DLC staff member.   
If you are in need of other resources in the meantime, consider calling 2-1-1, or visit the Additional Resources page of our website.

We appreciate your patience during this time, and look forward to continuing to serve you when we reopen for new intakes on June 12th!  

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